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Everything you need to get back in the saddle

How a Peddle electric bike can help you take charge of your fitness and wellbeing

Here at Peddle, our aim is always to give you the smoothest adventure possible through our range of incredible electric bikes. The truth is, electric bikes can sometimes seem a little overwhelming at first. They’re at the cross-section of technology and physical exercise, and if you’re not fluent in one or both of those areas, you may feel like an electric bike might be one challenge you just can’t tackle. But with a Peddle electric bike, there’s nothing to fear. Not only are our electric bikes built to be simple and accessible to use, but we also include absolutely everything you need to get going with confidence right there in the box.

Simplicity is key

If you know Peddle, you know we do our best to make things as straightforward and easy as possible. That goes for everything from navigating our website, to our friendly customer service team, all the way through to the way our electric bikes work. Each Peddle electric bike is designed to be easy for anyone of any adult age or experience to feel confident and free as they begin their journey. Our Peddle Step electric bike, for example, is built with a step-through frame that makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. Meanwhile our Peddle Go electric bike has a foldable stem that means you can take it and store it anywhere, and every Peddle electric bike has foldable pedals for easy storage and a reduced risk of grazed ankles. No matter which model of Peddle electric bike you choose for your fitness or wellness journey, you know you’re buying the absolute best tool to boost your independence when it comes to riding an electric bike.

An upgraded experience

Part of what makes our Peddle electric bike range so perfect for users of all experience levels, is all the upgraded features we build right into our electric bikes. In fact, Peddle electric bikes include up to £500 worth of features, compared to other electric bike manufacturers on the market today. These features include an LCD display with connectivity to the handy NAVIE app, offering turn-by-turn navigation and important information about your adventure. We also include a comfortable, gel saddle mounted on the seat suspension of every Peddle electric bike model, to boost your comfort as you ride. And for those who like to adventure all day and night, our Peddle Go, Step, and Ride electric bike models feature reflective and puncture resistant tyres. Meanwhile our Peddle Pro electric bike model also has puncture resistant tyres, as well as reflectors that can be found elsewhere on the bike. And all Peddle electric bikes have built-in front and rear light-powered LED lights and mudguards. With all the upgrades built right into your Peddle electric bike, even first-time riders will be able to find their footing and get riding with confidence in no time.

All about the accessories

As we’ve mentioned, there’s plenty of upgraded features built right into your Peddle electric bike that makes it perfect for getting started on your adventure. But what about the things we include that aren’t built in? Your Peddle electric bike will come with an accessory pack filled with all the things you’ll need for the safest, most comfortable and confidence-boosting journey. This includes a Yale lock (model dependant on electric bike frame), an M-Wave handlebar cover to keep you and your bike dry, an M-Wave mini pump with pressure gauge, and an M-Wave cup holder. And to make your commute, trip to the shops, or casual adventure even more convenient, every Peddle electric bike also comes with two mains chargers included with your electric bike, so you’ve always got one on-hand for an extra boost of power.
If that wasn’t enough to get you feeling confident and ready to ride, we’ve also included a BikeRegister membership and security tag. See – we really have thought of everything you’ll need to get in the saddle and adventuring like a natural. The only thing we don’t include in the box with your Peddle electric bike is a helmet – but you can get one from Dashel for a Peddle customer exclusive rate of 25% off with the purchase of any Peddle electric bike. So there’s really nothing stopping you from taking your fitness, wellness, or nature-loving journey to the next level.

When it comes to getting started on a new adventure, things can seem a little overwhelming. That’s why Peddle electric bikes are here to guide you through every step of your journey, and make sure you have the confidence you need to get in the saddle and riding off into the sunset.

Ready to start your next adventure? Browse our range of Peddle electric bikes today.

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