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Technical and warranty support

What is an electric bike? 
Electric bikes aren’t too different from regular bikes. They have a few extra features like a motor and a battery that give you a little boost to make riding your bike faster, easier, and less tiring.
What size frame/bike do I need to purchase?
The Peddle GO and STEP, these are Universal due to their low step-through frame, the Peddle PRO and RIDE come in two sizes, Small for anyone under 5'7" and Large for anyone over 5'7", this is just a guide and we would suggest checking with your dealer if you have any concerns?
Will I need to assemble my bike?
Your Peddle electric bike comes 95% already built upon delivery (except the Peddle Go which is 100% built out of the box). All you need to do is attach the handlebars and tighten them with the tool provided, and you’re good to go. Just follow the step-by-step guide found in your bike’s box or the set up videos on our website.
What is a Peddle electric bike battery made of?
Every Peddle bike has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. With most Peddle bikes, your battery is built into the frame itself, which keeps the body looking sleek and stylish. The Peddle Pro features a detachable battery for in-home/office charging.
How long will my bike take to charge?
The exact charging time of your Peddle bike depends on the model you choose, but to reach a full battery, our bikes take between 5 and 6 hours of charging.
Can I get spare parts for my bike?
Yes. We hold spares for all our electric bike models. And, since we use premium branded parts, you’ll also be able to get them from any reputable bicycle part supplier. If you need any help, please email the Peddle customer services team. 
What warranty will my bike have?
All of our Peddle bikes are covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as these further warranties:
  • 5 year cover on the bike frame against cracking (if manufacturer’s defect) 
  • 1 year cover on electrical components, such as motors and batteries 
  • 1 year cover on non-wearable parts, such as the handlebar, saddle, and stem 
These warranties begin the day you receive your bike. They apply only to the original purchaser of the bike and cannot be transferred or extended. Warranties also do not cover items for general wear and tear or misuse.

For full warranty terms, click here.

Warranty does not affect statutory rights
How far can I ride my electric bike?
The range each Peddle electric bike varies by model, as well as other factors such as topography (the terrain you’re riding on) and load. For the most accurate information on distance-per-charge, check the tech specifications on each bike
How fast will my electric bike go?
All Peddle electric bikes can offer up to 15.5mph of powered assistance. This is due to UK laws and regulations around the maximum power and speed of any electric bike.
Should I choose fully integrated battery or removeable?
Most Peddle electric bikes come with an integrated battery. This gives them a sleeker design and some additional security, as well as being ideal for charging if your bike is stored indoors. Our Peddle Pro model is the only Peddle electric bike with a removable battery – with two keys included – so the battery can be charged separately to the bike if it is being kept outdoors
There is a mount supplied with my pump in the box, how do I fix this to my Peddle bike?
Apologies this was an error with the supplier and the mount was not needed as the light and compact design of the pump and for ease of use, we do not have any mounting bolts on the Peddle bikes keeping them clean and easy to maintain, please dispose of the mount in a sustainable manner using your local recycling facility.