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How Peddle electric bikes can change your life for the better

There are plenty of products and brands out there that claim to be able to help you boost your mental and physical wellbeing. But it can be difficult to find a solution that’s built to work for everyone. Here at Peddle, we’ve focused all our efforts on creating a range of ebikes that are accessible, fun to ride, and bring you closer to what matters most. Whether you’re new to electric bikes, or looking for your next adventure, Peddle electric bicycles are packed with everything you need to become the best version of yourself.

Nobody left out

Our mission at Peddle is to give our customers control over their lifestyle through accessible, easy-to-use, fuss-free electric bikes. Making you feel better about yourself is what we specialise in, and the reason why we do what we do. But we also believe that we aren’t doing our job if our feel-good electric cycles aren’t available or accessible to all – which is why every Peddle electric bike model is designed with features that make them easy to use for everyone, no matter their age, experience level, or ability. Our Peddle Step electric assist bike, for example, has a low-step frame that makes it simple to mount and dismount. Meanwhile, our Peddle Go electric bike has a foldable stem for easy storage and transport. And all our Peddle electric pedal bikes feature accessibility-boosting features such as comfortable gel seats, front and rear bike-powered lights, and a built-in LCD screen that links seamlessly with the companion app for turn-by-turn navigation. When it comes to making important lifestyle changes, we’re all in this together – and our ebikes are designed to reflect that.

The joy of the ride

Peddle electric bikes make boosting your physical and mental wellbeing fun. From the moment you begin pedalling and feel the electric motor kick in, you’re in for an exciting, fun-filled ride that’ll keep you smiling from the beginning of your journey, right to the end. And nothing motivates people to change their lifestyle for the better than the promise of a good time. So for those of us who sometimes find it hard to get up on our feet and exercising, Peddle electric cycles offer an exciting alternative that takes the hard work out of getting fit and healthy. The fun element of Peddle electric bikes also make them perfect for going riding with friends and family. Easily keep up with your peers as you zoom and zip through your favourite trails, while catching up with those you love most. And with our companion app, you can connect to the LCD display on any Peddle electric bicycle and ride it just as if it were your own. When you buy a Peddle electric assist bike, you’re also buying a fun-filled hobby that connects you to your favourite people, and gives your mental and physical health a nudge in the right direction.

Clear your mind

In the hustle and bustle of our every day lives, it can be difficult to remember to get out there and smell the roses. With a Peddle electric bike, it’s never been easier to find time to connect with nature and give yourself the chance to unwind without distractions. As the Peddle ebike’s electric motor handles getting you moving along your path, you can focus more on clearing your mind and taking in the world around you, while meditating on calming, stress-free thoughts. With our Peddle Pro electric bike model, you can experience even more of what nature has to offer with its robust design that can handle off-road exploring, and powerful Samsung battery that’ll keep you rolling for longer - giving you one less thing to worry about. Not only does riding a Peddle electric bicycle give you a calm, quiet environment to sit with your own thoughts, but with the Peddle Pro’s puncture resistant tyres and powerful central drive motor with 75nm of torque, you can expand your exploration and find your new favourite place to go riding that’s off the beaten track.

If you’re looking for something that can take your physical and mental wellbeing to a whole new level, there’s no better companion than a Peddle electric bike. Not only are they designed to be accessible and easy to use for all, but they can add an element of fun and sociability to your physical or mental health journey, while also offering the chance to find peace and quiet while you ride. Whatever you need to find your best ‘you’, Peddle electric bikes are there to support you.

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