Myth-busting electric bikes

Electric bicycles are growing in popularity, with many people choosing them as their ideal solution for everything from getting fit, to replacing their current mode of transport for a more planet-friendly adventure. But like with any up-and-coming product, there’s some speculation around electric cycles. Are electric pedal bikes better for your health than conventional cycles? Is an electric bike good for the planet? And is it legal to ride an electric assist bike? Questions like these can create a barrier for those looking to invest in their first electric bike. That’s why the team at Peddle are here to clear up a few myths surrounding ebikes, and give you a little more confidence in what a Peddle electric bike can do for you.

Myth: Electric bikes are cheating when it comes to fitness

Those looking to invest in an electric bicycle to get themselves further on their fitness journey might be sceptical as to whether or not an electric cycle is the best option for boosting health. Since electric bikes have an electric motor that gives you a helping hand to get rolling, some may argue that you’re not working as hard, and therefore won’t get any health benefits. But that’s not the case.

Truth: Electric bikes are a great way for everyone to get into fitness

With an electric assist bike, you’re still doing getting moving by pedalling the electric bike as you ride through your adventure. The only difference between a conventional cycle and an electric bike is that an electric pedal bike gives you a little boost that helps you go further. And you can choose how much assistance the bike gives you, so you can find a level that suits your fitness needs and goals. This makes getting good quality exercise accessible and comfortable for all, so those who may struggle to keep a conventional cycle moving can still reap the benefits of exercising on an electric bike.

Myth: It’s illegal to ride an electric bike

Due to the legislation surrounding certain electric vehicles, such as electric scooters and hoverboards, there are some questions as to whether it’s legal to ride an ebike – and if it is, where they can be ridden. Some people may be hesitant to purchase an electric bike because they anticipate bans or restrictions around where and when they can use their electric bicycle.

Truth: Peddle electric bikes are legal to be ridden anywhere

Even considering the previously mentioned legislation surrounding some electric vehicles, we can confirm that all Peddle electric bikes for sale are 100% legal and can be ridden anywhere you can ride a conventional bicycle. This is because every Peddle electric bike model is designed and built in-line with the government’s guidelines around electric vehicles. Peddle ebikes are pedal assisted, meaning you always have full control over the electric bike. Peddle electric cycles also have a maximum speed of 15.5mph of powered assistance and no throttle, which means they’re well within the legal guidelines set out by the government. So you can ride your Peddle electric bike freely and follow your adventure wherever it takes you.

Myth: Electric bikes are difficult to use

If you’re just starting to get into fitness or technology, an electric assist bike might not seem beginner-friendly. They’re the perfect cross-section between the world of technology and exercise, and learning how to navigate these two areas at once might seem a little overwhelming. With more electrical components than a conventional bicycle, some may worry that an electric bike is more trouble than it’s worth.

Truth: Peddle electric bikes are built to be simple

Here at Peddle, we understand that an ebike might seem daunting at first. But the reality is, every part of the Peddle journey is designed specifically to be simple and accessible for anyone who wants to be a part of the Peddle adventure. Our site is user-friendly, and explains all of the components of the electric bike in a way that can be easily understood by anyone – even those right at the beginning of their adventure. The electric bicycles themselves are also designed with this simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. Our Peddle Ride, Step, and Pro models come 95% assembled straight out of the box, while the Peddle Go is 100% assembled and ready to ride.

When it comes to riding your electric bike, there’s no expertise needed: as soon as you begin to pedal, the electric motor kicks in to give you a little boost. And to get you started on the best foot, we include manuals within the box that show you how to get your electric bike up and rolling, as well as several videos on our website that explain, step-by-step, how to get your electric bike set up and ready to go. Not only that, but we include an accessory kit worth up to £150 that has everything you’ll need for your adventure – from a tyre pressure gauge and pump and cup holder, to a convenient handlebar cover and more. And each Peddle electric assist bike is fitted with over £500 worth of features compared to other, similar electric pedal bikes on the market. This includes an LCD display that connects to the NAVIE app on your phone, giving you important journey information and turn-by-turn navigation. All of this, designed to make your Peddle electric bike experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

Myth: Electric bikes aren’t better for the environment

Here at Peddle, we talk a lot about how Peddle ebikes can help you get closer to nature. We mean this in two ways; that adventuring on an electric cycle makes it easier to explore nature in ways you may not have ever done before, and that Peddle electric assist bikes help to nurture the planet and make it cleaner and greener. On the surface, this might seem like a bold claim – after all, conventional bicycles don’t harm the planet, so how can an electric bicycle be better?

Truth: Electric bikes are a sustainable alternative

Evidence suggests that when most people purchase an electric bike, they’re not just doing it to upgrade their conventional bicycle. Because ebikes offer a speedy and smooth travelling experience, many riders are replacing their fossil fuelled cars with electric bicycles and using them to commute and get to where they need to be. Fossil fuels are actively damaging our planet and contributing negatively to climate change. But with the switch to an electric cycle, you’re not only investing in a renewable, non-harmful energy source that’s sustainable for the planet, but you’re doing so in a way that won’t interrupt or slow down your daily activities.

Here at Peddle, our job is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to take off on the adventure of their lives. And that means giving you all the information you need to feel confident that you’re making the right choice when you buy a Peddle electric bike.

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