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Rear hub power

Clearing the confusion on rear vs front hub motors

When choosing your electric bike, you may not initially think about where your hub motor is placed. With so many features to consider, such as puncture-resistant tyres, front and rear lights, and fast-stopping disc brakes (all available on Peddle ebike models, by the way), the benefits of a rear hub motor over a front hub motor might not become apparent. But at Peddle, our job is to keep you informed of all the components of our electric bikes that can make your journey easier and smoother – and that includes explaining why we prefer rear hub motors for most of our Peddle electric bikes for sale.

Better traction

The Peddle Go, Step, and Ride electric bike models all feature rear hub motors. This is the component of the electric bicycle that gives you a helping hand while you ride, located in the hub of the rear wheel. On our Peddle Pro electric bike model, this is replaced by a powerful Motinova central drive motor, located in the middle section of the electric cycle.
One of the main reasons why we prefer the rear hub motor to a front hub motor (a motor that is located in the hub of the front wheel) is that a rear hub motor allows the rider better traction and more control over the electric bike. This is especially evident at initial start up and acceleration of the electric assist bike. With a rear hub motor, such as that found on most Peddle electric bike models, the rear hub motor springs to life smoothly, and gently propels the electric pedal bike forwards as you ride. However, electric bikes with a front hub motor may have issues with traction, as the power emanating from the front wheel may cause it to lose grip and spin out more easily. This could result in the rider losing control of the ebike, which could be hazardous. With a rear hub motor, electric bike riders are in for a smoother, safer journey.

Smooth riding

On the note of maintaining a smoother ride, it’s worth mentioning that having a front hub motor can result in harsher drops and stops than a rear hub motor. Because of the additional weight that is acquired onto the front of the electric bicycle with a front hub motor, riders may find that dips and bumps result in harder and faster drops. This can be disorientating and possibly cause damage to the electric bike or the rider. A rear hub motor avoids this problem, as its rear-heavy weight means that the rider can more easily stabilise themselves and their electric cycle following a bump. This is especially important for riders of models like the Peddle Ride, which is designed for all-terrain adventuring. With a rear hub motor, your journey stays smooth, even when faced with rocky or uneven conditions.

Handlebar precision

When you’re on an electric bike adventure, you want to have complete control over your electric assist bike. An important element of this is having handlebars that are smooth, responsive, and enable you to take corners and curves in the road with ease. But with weight at the front of the electric bike added by a front hub motor, riders may find that their handlebars are weighted down, too. This means that they may be slower moving, harder to turn, and less precise. Not only can this be uncomfortable for riders, but it could result in a hazard. With a rear hub motor, however, this issue is removed entirely. With no additional mass, the handlebars are free to move seamlessly and intuitively, giving riders total control over their adventure.

Tougher for longer

Having a rear hub motor in your electric bike doesn’t just improve your riding experience. It also maintains the quality of your electric pedal bike for longer. When an electric bike has a front hub motor built into it, the motor may put additional stress on the fork arms. Over time, this could result in fatigue and failure of these fork arms, causing damage and instability to the ebike that may end up being costly to fix. Peddle electric bikes avoid this issue entirely by installing rear hub motors on the majority of our electric cycles. With no extra weight in the front, the fork arms don’t encounter any excess pressure, and are more likely to stay more durable for longer. Meaning your electric bike will stay in tip-top condition with a reduced need for unnecessary repairs.

Sleek and subtle

Aside from the experiential and quality issues a front hub motor may cause in an electric bicycle, there’s also the physical appearance of the electric bike to take into consideration. While this may not seem as important to some, your electric assist bike is your accessory to adventure, and riding an electric bike that looks as good as it feels to ride can be a big part of what makes your journey exciting. Riders who purchase electric pedal bikes with front hub motors may find that their motor is more visible and less stealthy, drawing the eye to bulkiness at the front of the electric bike, and ruining the sleek, stylish image of the ebike as a whole. At Peddle, keeping your electric bike looking good is a priority to us, and we believe that subtlety is key. From the sleek integrated battery found on every Peddle electric bike model (including the removable battery on the Peddle Pro), through to the subtle rear hub motor. Looks aren’t everything – but having a stylish electric bicycle can add an extra pinch of joy to your daily adventure.

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